[Doggiebox] Status report...

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Thu Mar 10 19:45:48 EST 2005

Hey all,

Since I haven't piped up in here since I posted the last beta a couple of
weeks ago, I wanted to show my face and mention a couple of things. :)

I have been working on a revised UI for manipulating bars (specifically,
a new floating palette with controls for adding/deleting bars and beats,
as well as changing time signature and tempo).  My hope is this will
prove a vast improvement over the current time signature/tempo "sheet"
mechanism.  I had hoped to post a build by now, but I have been tied down
over the last week so there are still a couple of loose ends that need
finishing to make it usable.

Tomorrow afternoon I am going to be going away for a week (visiting
Vancouver...) so no development will occur then.  With luck, I'll have a
new build up sometime during the week of the 21st.

Several of you have made some bug reports and suggestions over the past
several days, which I intend to respond to.  I am not ignoring them --
but I may not have time to address them until I return.  It has been
great to see this list so active lately; keep it up, and thanks for your

Have a good weekend/week everyone,


Ben Kennedy, chief magician
zygoat creative technical services
613-228-3392 | 1-866-466-4628

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