Ludwig v2>v3 suggestions (was Re: [Doggiebox] samples vs. velocity changes)

David Holloway davidh at
Fri Mar 11 08:47:15 EST 2005

i have a first cut of some icons that are moving in the direction you 
describe...  i've sliced them up on the web page so you should be able 
to drag&drop each icon directly into doggiebox from your browser.

check 'em out!  let me know what you think.


On Mar 11, 2005, at 2:58 AM, Sion Morris wrote:

> Yes I agree - the most effective way would be a combination of shape 
> and colour - I only used the solid block only method for speed really 
> and because personally I find the colour difference the easiest to 
> refer to in db.  I'll probably eventually get round to making use a 
> bank of ready made icons in both shape (simple, clear and based very 
> loosely on the actual drum) but heavily biased colour.... The shape 
> would be a tweak as far as I'm concerned though.
> The best use of shape would be to differentiate between the sampled 
> velocity variation as opposed to the db volume controlled velocity  
> ... so for example a snare drum sampled at top velocity might be a 
> solid red square filling the whole of the icon's area.. a lower 
> velocity sample might be a smaller red square, not filling the whole 
> area ... and a lower velocity still could be even smaller etc. The 
> software volume on each sample can be represented (as it is already) 
> by the tinting of the icon. This would communicate as clearly as 
> possible the sound and pattern.
> Cheers
> Sion Morris
> Liverpool
> On 10 Mar 2005, at 9:44 pm, David Holloway wrote:
>> there's no reason not to have it both ways.  i think it should be 
>> pretty easy for me to offer colorized versions of the icons.  i use 
>> adobe illustrator to do my icons so it should be pretty easy to color 
>> things up a little.
>> and if i run out of time i'd be happy to send out a copy of the 
>> illustrator document and people can tweak and color to their heart's 
>> content.
>> cheers,
>> david.

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