[Doggiebox] a new song- sort of complete

Mike Carlyle mcarlyle at charter.net
Sun Mar 13 15:45:00 EST 2005


My singer didn't show up so I gave it a go myself. I don't know if I'll 
be doing much more of this kind of singing. I'm going through the "I 
hate my voice" thing.

The drums are all Doggiebox using nskit v.7. I really like the polish 
and natural feel of this kit. I need to tone the toms down a little 
bit, but one thing at a time. This is an example of "pushing the tempo" 
during the chorus to make the thing feel a little more human.

I had posted this before, but at the time it had no vocals and was 
fairly bare bones. This is an all new version using my new gear (MXL 
990 mic, M-Audio monitors, Tascam US-122 interface, Fender Pro 
Junior... the list goes on.

Mike Carlyle
Wilbraham, MA

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