[Doggiebox] MC's new song

Mike Carlyle mcarlyle at charter.net
Tue Mar 15 18:55:36 EST 2005

I like the idea of the "slow" snare. It might work great with the David  
Holloway kit.

As for playing the parts, it's actually quite a bit MORE natural to  
track against the pushed tempo drums. I find myself having to make a  
concious effort to follow the rigid tempo of an all-the-same drum  
program. The pushing feels quite a bit more natural to me.

Someone else just made a similar observation today. Sion, perhaps?

On Mar 15, 2005, at 12:39 PM, Dan Costello wrote:

>> DB notes.  The slight changes in tempo really make a huge difference  
>> to
>> the feel of the track
> I agree, although I imagine playing the bass and guitar tracks to this  
> must have been a trick... Any suggestions for this as well? Did you  
> just play along with the drum track a few times to get used to those  
> pushes and pulls?
> A great example of push and pull-- Aimee Mann (and the excellent  
> producers she has worked with over the last ten years) often slows  
> down "build" sections, parts that are leading up to the beginning of a  
> chorus or new section. And the instruments don't necessarily all do it  
> the same. (again, great "humanization" even though loops and samples  
> are often being used)  Sometimes the drums will only slow down a click  
> or two, if at all, but the guitars and bass (and maybe another perc.  
> item, like tambourine) will drag more-- it feels like hitting a steep  
> short hill on the highway in a big old pickup, then getting to the top  
> and picking up speed again.
> Another thing to experiment with "humanizing" the drums: add a "slow"  
> snare or toms to your kit. You can even use the same sample as your  
> regular hit, but pull it into an editor and add a very slight extra  
> bit of time to the front of it. This way you can still put the hit in  
> the right place in the sequencer, but still have a bit of push-pull  
> without messing with tempo changes. This works great for the  
> garage-band "Built to Spill" type of lo-fi sound.
> DC
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