[Doggiebox] Mike's song

Sion Morris sionwm at cinnamondesign.co.uk
Wed Mar 16 04:40:57 EST 2005

Carl, thanks for taking the time to repost Mikes urls for Come Alive 
and the kit. I've downloaded both now had a good look at the pattern.  
I was wondering if you had a version of ns kit 7 with the drums mapped 
to midi? I seem to remember you doing a bit on the midi side of db some 
time back. Can you email it to me or post it up somewhere if you have 

Mike, I think this pattern is a good one to learn about db from - its 
got a lot of interesting techniques in it. I especially like the off 
beat snare - a nice variation which adds to the realism and interest in 
the pattern. also you haven't done the lazy thing, which I do all the 
time, and repeat the same pattern for verse 1 and 2 etc.

I'd also forgotten how useful the icons were - as I was scratching my 
head over icon design and the Ludwig kit. Are these your ns icons Mike? 
  The basic colour indicator work well to reinforce the different drum 
types and I also like the shape variarion on the ride bell. More head 
scratching required I think

Sion Morris


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