more ns_kit7 dbkit stuff (was Re: [Doggiebox] Mike's song)

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at
Wed Mar 16 11:36:32 EST 2005

On 16-Mar-2005 09:40, Sion Morris wrote:
> Carl, [...] I was 
> wondering if you had a version of ns kit 7 with the drums mapped to 
> midi? I seem to remember you doing a bit on the midi side of db some 
> time back. Can you email it to me or post it up somewhere if you have 
> please?

I've been working on this, but the current version of the dbkit:
a) a doesn't have all the ns_kit7free samples linked yet, and
b) has samples mapped to their General MIDI instrument (or something 
close!), but the MIDI mappings don't contain velocity info (all 
velocities are 127).

Still, I've put a zipped version of the current version "as is" online: 

This version also has links to some non-ns_kit7 oddities in it: the 
GarageBand cowbell samples ('cause I gotta have more cowbell!), the ns 
woodblock samples (I use them as beat keepers on count-ins and such), 
and a muted crash sample I made by editing one of the ns_kit7free crash 
samples in Audacity (though one could easily relink to another muted 
crash sample, like from ns_kit6 or whatever!).

When I finish adding all the ns_kit7free samples and then twiddling the 
velocities appropriately, I'll post a fixed up version so that people 
can download the kit with the complete mappings and then blow away 
whatever they feel is excess to their own needs.  Having *all* the 
ns_kit7free samples in the interface would probably be rather 
overkillish :) though having a good range of some things might be useful 
... like the snares, so you can do long cresendos in a fairly realistic 

I wish there were half-open hats in ns_kit7free, but hey ....  Maybe in 
the eventual pay-version of ns_kit7 (which, it is promised, will contain 
_shedloads_ of samples).

> I'd also forgotten how useful the icons were - as I was scratching my 
> head over icon design and the Ludwig kit. Are these your ns icons Mike? 

An added note: My ns_kit icons imitate Mike's designs, though I've tried 
a few slightly different approaches here and there.  I've also often 
grouped and named the dbkit drums in slightly different ways than in 
Mike's kit (so, actually, Mike's comealive.dbsong is much easier to view 
by opening it with Mike's ns_kit7 dbkit than with my version!).


Carl Edlund Anderson

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