[Doggiebox] Re: Doggiebox Digest, Vol 21, Issue 14

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Thu Mar 17 05:10:31 EST 2005

On 17-Mar-2005 00:33, Sion Morris wrote:
> Thanks for the link Carl. I was hoping it would fix the links to the 
> samples that are in Mike's - but sadly not. I might have a go re loading 
> them from the originals or just hang on for your completed kit... yes 
> that sounds like a good idea...

Not sure what the problem you're having with Mike's kit and the samples 
is -- it just works for me.  If you have Mike's song (not to be confused 
with the Phish piece ...) and dbkit and the ns_kit7free WAV pack, then 
popping open the dbkit in the kit editor and fixing its links to the 
samples ought to get you in business (oh, you'll probably need to look 
in the right place for the dbkit when you open the dbsong, too, since 
everyone keeps everything in different places on their individual HDs, 
but that's usual).

My ns_kit7 dbkit arranges things slightly differently than Mike's, so 
there's a whole bunch of conversion that's needed to switch between the 
two, for all that they use the same sounds.  I just use Mike's kit for 
checking out Mike's song :)

Speaking of conversion, I ran into another Patrickcarl error last night 
that DB wouldn't straighten out on its own.  I eventually had to choose 
a drum sound that I didn't otherwise use in the dbsong and go scanning 
through the playlist looking for it.  Odd .... I've also noticed that 
when converting, if DB sees a sample with the same name and assume you 
want it, it will ignore your request to actually change to a different 
sample (this can have an odd result if the expected "snare 4" is 4th of 
4, but DB remaps to a dbkit where "snare 4" is 4th of, say, 12!)

> I did something similar, funnily enough with adding a cowbell to an 
> earlier ns kit as I too have  a feever and the only medicine is more 
> cowbell!. There's a song on my site (below) using it if you're 
> interested - Xris under the 2004 tab. 

Ooo, gotta check it out :)

Strangely, I haven't actually worked up any song-length pieces with 
cowbell yet -- mostly just trying to work out the intro to "Lowrider" ;) 
and little Afro-Caribbean bell patterns -- but I've always dug the sound :)

> There an imported tambourine there 
> too... and I'm eagerly awaiting David Holloway's new Ludwig recordings 
> featuring tambourine.

Ah, yes, tambourine!  That might be handy.  Though as with hand claps, I 
might be tempted to record that live :)  I could _probably_ afford to 
add a tambourine to the maracas, guacharaca, and shakers I have in my 
hand percussion collection ....

Hell, I suppose I could get a hand-held cowbell, too!  That would be fun :)


Carl Edlund Anderson

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