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David Holloway davidh at slugworth.com
Fri Mar 18 15:00:21 EST 2005

i usually keep 1/8th notes going on the hi-hat, or 1/4 notes on the  
bass drum, or alternating 1/8ths on the bass and hi-hat.  for me it is  
a bit of a crutch as it allows me to keep a steady pulse going from  
with to branch out with my hands.

On Mar 18, 2005, at 2:40 AM, Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:

> On 15-Mar-2005 23:52, Mike Carlyle wrote:
>> I try to play the hi hat like it might really be played, of course. I  
>>  know that I can't be beating on the hi-hat and riding a cymbal at  
>> the  same time, for example. The pedal also kicks in during any sort  
>> of  lengthy fill that might otherwise occupy my virtual hands.
> Up to now, I've tended dropped hats and kicks entirely during what I  
> imagine to be two-handed fills -- though, yeah, I suppose there's no  
> reason a dextrous drummer couldn't keep it going with the foot pedals  
> while flailing away at the snare or toms.  Can any drummers comment on  
> what they do with the feet, if anything, whilst executing that fast,  
> phrase-ending fill?
> Cheers,
> Carl
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