[Doggiebox] Latest beta (IE7)

Adrian Delso adrian.delso at btopenworld.com
Mon Mar 21 03:53:23 EST 2005

Three things, observed yesterday, while writing the drum part for a new song:

One - creating the song structure:

First section, Intro, no problem. Then I click on the '+' button to add a section - nothing. 
I click on Option+Command+N - zip. The Song dropdown works fine. 
Exactly the same with Playlist.
Any idea why the buttons don't work? (Apologies, if someone else has raised this.)

Two - exporting the audio

I export the finished drums to an exisiting song in Logic Express. The tempos (tempi?)
in Doggiebox and Logic are both set at 100 bpm, but the Doggiebox track started to run away from the rest of the song. 
With Logic, you can adjust the tempo of existing MIDI tracks to that of any imported audio.
As the drums played faster than the MIDI tracks, I did so.
The Doggiebox tempo clocked at 101.5 bpm. No biggie, but if I'd had some existing audio in the song, 
I would have had to go back to Doggiebox and reduce the tempo, in order to get a match in the original.
Again, any idea why?

Three - volume issues (probably not a Doggiebox question!)

I boosted the volume in Doggiebox, using the slider to about 95, and when I played the imported track
back, it clipped like fury. Around the 80 mark it was fine. I presume this is all down to the individual 
recording setup, but is there any indication of what the Doggiebox volume scale means in 
relation to any other measure?

Still a great piece of kit!

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