[Doggiebox] Latest beta (IE7)

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Mon Mar 21 06:34:14 EST 2005

Speaking of hiccups in the latest build, I did a lot of DB work over the 
past weekend -- trying to be as rough with it as possible :) -- and have 
noticed a few quirks.

Particularly, I find that getting aggressive with the UI causes crashes 
:)  If I've got some things selected and then quickly throw them 
somewhere they're not supposed to go and/or click a bunch of other 
things in rapid succession, the UI often packs up with a spinning beach 
ball of death or sometimes DB just closes.  This can happen too if a 
long-fading sample is still playing back and I try to start messing 
around with other sections and generally smack the UI around while DB 
thinks it should be doing something else.

Similarly. I find that getting cocky and adding hits to the pattern 
editor while it is playing back has unpredictable results.  Often this 
works fine, but other times DB will start to "skip" or lose beats, and 
if it gets sufficiently fed up with this treatment, DB just crashes again.

I actually found there was plenty I could do to make DB crash :) so I 
would like to suggest the addition of an "autosave" feature that you 
could set to do a snapshot of any open dbsong/dbkit every 
some-configurable-number-of minutes.  That would be useful even in a 
stable, non-beta version, just as it would for lots of word processing apps.

There seemed to be some weirdnesses in the various select commands.  I 
never quite figured it out, but sometimes Select All at least didn't 
seem to work for me.  Anyone else find the select commands acting weird?

I found myself getting Patrickcarl events even after starting a new 
dbsong from scratch and then copying/pasting sections within it.  They 
still seemed to be mostly occuring on beat 3, for whatever reason! 
Likewise, I also still found that trying to replace one variant with 
another still sometimes (but not in a way I could predict) causes the 
second icon to overlay the first (the first then being revealed if you 
try to erase the hit).

I often found that I wanted to delete a given bar from a section, but 
couldn't do this (AFAICT) by selecting the bar and hiting delete or 
backspace or whatever.  I could only do it by Cmd-Xing to cut the bar in 
to the clipboard and then forgetting about it.  Should the delete key 
work here like this?

I often found I wanted to have two sections open for easy viewing, like 
if I had made one section and wanted to see it for reference when making 
a variant.  You could kind of do this by placing the two sections 
adjacent in the play list, selecting them (so that both display in the 
editing window) and then editing the new variant there.  But perhaps 
there's a better way to do that, though I'm not sure what it might be 
.... some way of popping an individual section open in it's own window 
or something?  Though you wouldn't want the whole gubbins of the editing 
UI in a window that you wanted use just as a visual reference ....

Oh, well, some thought there, anyway.  I got lots of stuff done in DB 
over the last week, though.  A couple of drum tracks ready to form the 
bases of new demos and the beginnings of several other songs being 
roughed out :)


ps -- and though I said I could play the tambourine live myself, I don't 
actually _have_ a tambourine :} and decided one of the tracks I was 
working on wanted one, so I stuck the Garageband tambourines into my 
ns_kit7 dbkit along side the GB cowbell :)

Carl Edlund Anderson

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