[Doggiebox] Yet another nskit song

Mike Carlyle mcarlyle at charter.net
Sat Mar 26 11:31:56 EST 2005

This one approaches sonic satisfaction for me. I've been working hard 
to understand the subtleties of mixing and mastering. It ain't easy.
This song uses the same nskit version 7 that "come alive" used. That 
first song, "come alive", is soon to be remixed and mastered with 
Kevin's vocals in place, replacing my own.

On the song called "Tillatoba", I sang the backup harmonies. It's OK, I 
guess. I worked hard to make sure that all the guitarparts meshed 
together without cancelling each other out or stepping on one another. 
There's seven of them. My God!

I can't describe the feeling of hearing drum tracks that convince even 
me that there's really a drummer playing. The tempo push is in play on 
this one too, but it's a much slower tempo.

Mike Carlyle
Wilbraham, MA

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