[Doggiebox] heavy metal/hard rock drums

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Fri Sep 9 12:01:26 EDT 2005

On 09/09/2005 05:05, David Holloway wrote:
> another note is that contemporary metal and hardcore has quite a  
> different drum sound from the big old resonant kits of the 70s/80s.   i 
> think the big difference is in the tom sound mostly though.  what  era 
> of metal/rock sound are you looking for?

Just to chime in ...

The "70s Ludwig Kit vII" dbkit does the big, resonant 70s drum sound 
very well.  Very Bonham :)  Wouldn't work for the "clicky" thing heard 
in extreme/death metal kick-drumming, though I think a lot of that is 
insane compression and EQ.  But neither is that really a sound I'm into.

A lot of rock recordings I hear from the 70s have kind of "dead" 
sounding toms, though, and I like big, powerful tom sounds :)  And 
though I like boomy Bonham-style kicks, for my own stuff (vaguely heavy 
rockish) I've gone with a more focused kick thump.  I've used the ns_kit 
samples with Doggiebox in most of my home-recording stuff and have found 
ns_kit6 and ns_kit7free sound just fine in heavy rock contexts.  There 
are a couple of dbkits for ns_kit7free samples on the Doggiebox site, 
and I think I linked my version from my web page somewhere ....

I haven't had a chance to play with the variety of samples in the 
complete ns_kit7 release--or complete a new dbkit using those samples in 
a usable way--but there's pretty much something there for every style. 
I've just gotten back from holiday in the States where I picked up a 
Tascam US-122 USB audio interface (having been impressed with the work 
the list's Mike C did using one) and installed the Cubase LE that came 
with it, and am looking forward to doing some more recording with this 
set-up soon :)


Carl Edlund Anderson
mailto:cea at carlaz.com

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