[Doggiebox] DB, Cubase, tempo, and MIDI

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Fri Sep 23 04:58:23 EDT 2005

On 23/09/2005 00:19, Michael Carlyle wrote:
> Explore the power of Cubase's "tempo track".
> You can edit your tempo on a grid and make it do whatever you want.

Ah, yes, I just stumbled across the thing about tempo track.  So I guess 
the sensible thing is to just edit the tempo track in Cubase to match my 
known tempo changes from DB.  Should work!

(I'm still messing about with trying to sort out a dbkit using some 
ns_kit7full samples.  Trickiest thing so far is trying to figure out how 
to use some of the degrees of high-hat openess at at least a few 
different velocities without overloading the UI.)


Carl Edlund Anderson
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