[Doggiebox] test MP3 from ns_kit7full dbkit/dbsong

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Tue Apr 25 13:24:47 EDT 2006

On 24 Apr 2006, at 21:05, Ben Kennedy wrote:
> Carl Edlund Anderson wrote at 3:34 PM (+0100) on 4/20/06:
>> Well, I finally got enough a dbkit assembled using a modest subset of
>> the ns_kit7 samples that I've been able to start trying it out :)
> Nice work Carl, those sound good.

I've been messing about a bit more, ironing some bugs out the dbkit  
and such.  I've got another example where the sound works a bit  
better, I think.  I toned back the defaults for the ride velocities a  
bit, likewise crash cymbal velocities to about 75%, and the hat  
velocities way back to about 50%.  These seem to sit better; who hits  
the cymbals and hats as hard as possible all the time anyway?   But  
we're still whaling the heck out the kicks and snares ;)

Here are links to the plain drum part, and then the drums imported  
into GB as part of a song arrangement I've been kicking around:


(Try to ignore the fact that the "song" has no vocals and kind of  
drifts to an "end".  It's just a pile of multi-repeated guitar and  
bass loops that I move around whilst mucking with the arrangement,  
and I'm just using it as an example here because there's enough of it  
to set against the sample drum track from Doggiebox :)

> Yeah, I am going to get to work soon on improving the kit editor, just
> for you. ;)

Bespoke shareware, that's what we like to see! ;)

I've posted the current "draft" of my ns_kit7full dbkit in zipped  
form here:

It's not much use to anyone unless they a) have ns_kit7 full, and b)  
have downsampled the samples my dbkit uses to 44.1.  But perhaps one  
can open it and get an idea.  I will say that it's a real b@$t at rd  
making a bazillion drum icons with a bazillion different velocity  
numbers on them and also a real b@$t at rd trying to select from a huge  
string of possible hi-hats of different velocities and degrees of  
openness in the UI (and this is a highly simplified version).  But  
there would be a lot of control introduced by giving the current UI's  
velocity scale selector the ability to pick from a set pool of  
samples; this would also make kit editing something like this much  
simpler! :)


Carl Edlund Anderson

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