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Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Thu Jan 5 07:03:44 EST 2006

On 30/12/2005 23:15, Charlie wrote:
> The audio wouldn't need any editing abilities, just an import  function 
> and play/mute button.  It would always play in correct time  as it was 
> recorded against the original DB file.  The only weird bit  would be 
> starting the DB part at bar x and having the sound file know  where to 
> start.

I was originally skeptical of this idea, but after some more messing 
around in DB and Cubase and GB, I started to become more convinced of 
its utility :)

It wouldn't need any UI other than an indication that a particular 
"accompanying audio file" had been chosen.  But, yes, how to specify the 
relative start times would be an issue; the accompaniment might kick-off 
either before or after the drums. One quick'n'dirty implementation might 
simply be to force synchronized audio play and DB start, leaving it up 
to the user to ensure there were sufficient blank bars in DB (if the 
drums come in later) or the correct amount of silence at the start of 
the accompanying audio (if the drums come in first).

I would, though, be a bit concerned about memory issues -- I've often 
noticed DB getting upset and doing things like "skipping" and dropping 
hits when using dbkits with lots of large samples.  Assuming DB2 has 
gained the ability to make DB kits where a range of samples at different 
velocities can be specified for a particular drum variant, with DB 
automatically picking the approriate sample for a given hit based on a 
relative velocity set by the user via a slider in the UI (or something), 
then that's only going to make it easier for users to implement dbkits 
with hefty sample banks behind them, and so increase the amount of 
memory needed.  Though of course one wouldn't need to have a high 
quality AIFF for your "accompanying audio file"!  For the purposes of 
audition whilst tweaking the drum part, a low-bit rate AAC would do the job.

And now for something almost completely different, I had another thought 
for a DB feature.  What about drag'n'drop of hits in the UI?  (This 
isn't already implemented, right?  I mean, I tried doing it and it 
didn't seem to work, but it's always possible I've fallen out of step 
with the latest beta!)  Like you had put a snare hit on beat 3 but then 
decide you need it on beat 2.  Instead of erasing the existing hit and 
inputing a new hit, one could just "grab" the existing hit and shove it 
over to its new position.  This kind of feature might also become more 
useful when relative velocity settings are there, since in such cases 
one might have to not just input a new hit, but reset the desired 
velocity too.  That could get to be a pain; easier to just move beats or 
groups of beats around, if possible!

Another note: I'm still finding myself confused by copying and pasting, 
especially with the Sections list.  I often want to take a basic section 
I've made and duplicate it as a template for a new section with minor 
variations.  Sometimes I seem to be able to select a section from the 
Sections list and copy/paste it to create a duplicate section, sometimes 
not.  Perhaps a cheap and cheerful UI solution would be to allow 
right-clicking a section name to pop up a contextual menu that offered 
the option to make a copy of the section?  Or something like that.  (I 
also sometimes find myself getting tangled up by whether the cursor 
focus is in the Section list or in the Pattern Editor.

Mmmm, must keep slogging away at rough draft ns_kit7 dbkit .... :)


Carl Edlund Anderson
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