[Doggiebox] Re: Adding audio to Doggiebox Version 2

Sterling Beckwith beckwith at yorku.ca
Thu Jan 5 15:06:07 EST 2006

> The main issue as I see it is when you have the audio in DB, and for
> arguments sake, you want to listen to bars 78 to 82 to see what is
> needed.  The audio would need to sync here.   One for Ben's magic I
> guess  : - )

I wonder if Ben might not have more important things to do for us.   
Isn't combining various tracks from various sources--e.g. audio with  
MIDI, or with DB--what the bigtime sequencing programs like GB,  
Reason, Live, etc. are all about?

Rather than clutter up a great percussion-composing program with  
extras that don't really do the whole job anyhow, wouldn't it make  
more sense to let one of the big boys do the synchronizing, and just  
switch back and forth between the sequencer and DB when needed to  
tweak the drum parts?


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