[Doggiebox] Re: Adding audio to Doggiebox Version 2

Charlie the_lonely_sea at iinet.net.au
Fri Jan 6 20:39:31 EST 2006

On 06/01/2006, at 4:06 AM, Sterling Beckwith wrote:

> I wonder if Ben might not have more important things to do for us.   
> Isn't combining various tracks from various sources--e.g. audio  
> with MIDI, or with DB--what the bigtime sequencing programs like  
> GB, Reason, Live, etc. are all about?

No doubt about it - that's what they do best.  I'm not suggesting DB  
tries to imitate them.  It would just be handy to have a guide audio  
track play along with the drum track, no MIDI, no effects, no mixer  

> Rather than clutter up a great percussion-composing program with  
> extras that don't really do the whole job anyhow, wouldn't it make  
> more sense to let one of the big boys do the synchronizing, and  
> just switch back and forth between the sequencer and DB when needed  
> to tweak the drum parts?

That's the painful part I find.  Needing to listen to the the song in  
Pro Tools, note where a drum change is needed, go to DB, add the  
changes, bring them back to PT,  audition them, and if not right, go  
through the process again.

These discussions are all academic, if Ben can do it easily, I assume  
he'll go for it, if not, bad luck...



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