[Doggiebox] Re: Adding audio to Doggiebox Version 2

Håkon Pettersen haakon.pettersen at bluezone.no
Sat Jan 7 08:19:44 EST 2006

I think the audio function would be nice, since exporting and  
importing all the time is quite timeconsuming.

To deal with this I usually put my sequencer on play some bars before  
the drum part should begin (or loop it), then hit play on doggiebox  
when the drum part should begin.  I even loop both apps so that I can  
tweak the drumpart while hearing the eg. guitar.  It works perfectly:)


Den 7. jan. 2006 kl. 02.39 skrev Charlie:
> No doubt about it - that's what they do best.  I'm not suggesting  
> DB tries to imitate them.  It would just be handy to have a guide  
> audio track play along with the drum track, no MIDI, no effects, no  
> mixer etc...

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