[Doggiebox] Re: Adding audio to Doggiebox Version 2

Michael Carlyle mcarlyle at charter.net
Sat Jan 7 09:55:15 EST 2006

I vote no on the audio idea, for what it's worth.

I compose drum parts in my head anyway. By the time I'm doing drums,  
I'm so familiar with the songs progression of changes, that I don't  
really miss hearing the actual audio.

It's not like I can "play along" with the song regardless, so ... what  
does it really matter?

To audtion, I export audio then import it into Cubase. Since I play to  
a click track, my song always starts at a known point. This makes  
repeated export->import->audition steps sort of trouble free. It only  
takes a few minutes to import and place a modified DB file.

Let's not turn the app into something it's not. It seems to me that  
this feature set might be call for a secondary applet. Another program.

"DogWalker" anyone?

Tie it to Doggiebox, but make it a second application altogether. This  
way, those who want to use DB without the muddled interface and  
potential performance penalty can do so. Think of how Photoshop and  
ImageReady relate to each other, for example.

On Jan 7, 2006, at 8:19 AM, Håkon Pettersen wrote:

> I think the audio function would be nice, since exporting and  
> importing all the time is quite timeconsuming.
> To deal with this I usually put my sequencer on play some bars before  
> the drum part should begin (or loop it), then hit play on doggiebox  
> when the drum part should begin.  I even loop both apps so that I can  
> tweak the drumpart while hearing the eg. guitar.  It works perfectly:)
> haakon
> Den 7. jan. 2006 kl. 02.39 skrev Charlie:
>> No doubt about it - that's what they do best.  I'm not suggesting DB  
>> tries to imitate them.  It would just be handy to have a guide audio  
>> track play along with the drum track, no MIDI, no effects, no mixer  
>> etc...
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