[Doggiebox] about 1E12

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Wed Jan 11 07:53:23 EST 2006

On 24/12/2005 16:23, Håkon Pettersen wrote:
> Two things appeared instantly as I'm trying out the newest beta.  If  I 
> have one bar of 4/4, the inspector showes the numbers 4 and 4, and  
> these numbers are possible to highlight, but it's not possible to  edit 
> numbers by numpad, I would like that.

I ran into that the other day, and agree completely.  Direct editing of
these numbers would be user-friendly (just as the added ability to
directly edit MIDI values in the dbkit editor was :)

> Second, I have assigned some keyboard shortcuts to the ns kit, and if  I want to switch between open and closed hihat (good thing this is  possible without having to go throug another drum first! :) the  "velocity" returns to the lowest every time I switch.  It would be  nice if it returned to the previous "velocity".

That also sounds useful.


Carl Edlund Anderson
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