[Doggiebox] triplets

David Sampson dsampson55 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 19 21:50:58 EDT 2006

In my  last (and first) post, I asked how to enter
triplets in DB.  The measure I described was done from
memory, and was wrong.

The drum part I'm entering is from a transcription
book.  The measure has 4 quarter note drum beats for
the bass drum.

The snare is the triplet set.  Each of the 4/4 beats
quarter notes has 2 sets of 16th note triplets, for a
total of 8 triplets sets in the measure.  One quarter
note of beat looks like this:

    3             3
====    =====
|   |   |     |    |   |
x  x   x    x  x   x

Given 4 of those in the measure (plus the bass drum
quarter notes on each beat) how can I enter this?

In drum notation, they will typically represent the
beats in conventional music notation.  That's why I
say the bass drum is a quarter note - there are 4 per
measure.   I'm actually entering the drums from Purple
Haze.  This particular measure is measure 8 in the
guitar solo.



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