[Doggiebox] boxes

Sion Morris sionwm at cinnamondesign.co.uk
Fri Mar 10 05:16:01 EST 2006

Hi Ben

I use db a lot and have been thinking about the way I use it and the  
way songs and sections could be organised more graphically in the  

I don't know if anyone else feels that it can be difficult sometimes  
to keep track of the song structure. I find that I either make a  
whole track in one go with many variations which is then difficult to  
edit later, or I just do an easily editable track but with no  

My suggestion is to show the song structure as it currently is, but  
to show the sections used in the playlist elements as blocks - you  
could then instantly see for example that the intro is one block of 4  
bars, the chorus, 4 ; verse, 4 etc. The blocks could be labeled  
numerically and with shortened labels so the user can keep track of  
where each bit is in relation to everything else. You could then make  
as many variations as you like in the sections box and still have a  
complete overview of the song

I've photoshopped a rough visual of my idea for you to look at here:


Sion Morris


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