[Doggiebox] Re: MIDI-style velocity settings for DB?

Sterling Beckwith beckwith at yorku.ca
Sat May 6 21:36:51 EDT 2006

This earlier suggestion strikes me as predictable, but not really all  
that practical.  Rather than having to specify an exact value for  
each hit between 1 and 127--a lot of extra trouble that does little  
to produce a more lifelike percussion track--I would urge you all to  
consider the virtues of doing more with less.

Have a look, for example, at the interesting French drumming program  
called Archibald, which substitutes PROBABILITY for MIDI's anally  
overdetermined numeric precision, and makes it easy to specify  
graphically a RANGE of possible velocities--also, a range of possible  
"locations" for each hit, and a range of likelihoods that the hit  
will actually occur!

That already sounds a heck of a lot more like what most live drummers  
I've known actually do, especially in repeating or looping patterns,  
rather than insisting "this particular hit must always be exactly at  
velocity 73!"  Indeed, I'd recommend everyone download the free demo  
of this program and play with it a little, before we faithful DB  
users try to push poor Ben any further into Just-Another-MIDI- 
Sequencer Land.

-Sterling Beckwith

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