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David Weisinger d_weising at yahoo.com
Mon May 8 00:37:43 EDT 2006

Well Charlie, it seems I'm not alone.  Definitely, if
it is to be considered by the doggiemen, different
formats will have to be considered, but that seems a
little problematic as there are so many different apps
from Cubase to Nuendo to Pro Tools, Pro Logic etc. 
Maybe a VST and RTAS would do it for most.  Not sure,
I haven't investigated this sort of thing - after all,
I'm just a muso trying to write and record some songs!

The db application would definitely need constant
synching to the host application.  As per your
original remarks some time ago, the way to get around
it would be to have import functionality on
doggiebox's end - but that does present more issues
than just having an import function.  The same issue
you presented - what happens at line 12, bar 2 if I
want to start there ?  Doggiebox would need some
customisation to handle all those sorts of things. 
I'm interested to hear back from Doggiebox themselves
to get their take on it and the likelyhood of any of
these options being incorporated in Doggiebox.



--- Charlie <the_lonely_sea at iinet.net.au> wrote:

> On 07/05/2006, at 7:03 PM, David Weisinger wrote:
> > It is a good question - how to reconcile this. 
> One
> > way would be something like:
> >
> > Doggiebox is a 'slave' VST or other 'plugin' or
> > something like that.  Audio interfacing software
> like
> > cubase, pro logic etc have their own 'times'.
> > The host application should have the 'master'
> time.
> > So db would sit inside the host application as a
> slave
> > (in terms of the time).  When you press 'play' in
> > cubase for example, your embedded db app starts as
> > well.  So they have to be synchronised and thats
> all
> > that has to happen.
> This is a great suggestion and one that would
> improve the song  
> writing experience a lot.  A few points I would
> note:
> If it can be done. ie the play button in the master
> app starts  
> DoggieBox, you're still left with the case of when
> you want to start  
> to play from, say, bar 12 and a half.  I would guess
> that there will  
> be a lot more programming involved than just a
> simple start function  
> - synching through the song will be needed as well.
> Also, an RTAS version would be needed for us
> ProTools people. (Other  
> plugin types as well??)
> In terms of functionality, it is not unlike the
> reverse of my  
> suggestion a few months ago for Version 2 of DB...
> My idea was that  
> DB imported the audio, rather than the master app
> "importing" DB  
> ( see below).   This wouldn't be as good as you
> couldn't change the  
> audio without cranking up the audio editor again,
> but it does get  
> around the different plugin formats that would need
> support.
> Ben are these at all possible. or are we just
> pissing in the wind  
> here????
> Here's what I wrote originally:
> I have a suggestion for DB Version 2.  How about
> adding the ability  
> to include an audio track?
> My thinking is this.
> 1)  I write a song
> 2)  Create a Drum part and then add it to (in my
> case) Pro Tools.
> 3)  I add guitars etc
> 4) I notice the drum part needs some frills etc.
> 5)  Now the difficulties start.  I have to edit the
> DB file without  
> reference to the song itself.   If I could import
> the song I have  
> created in PT (less the drums) into DB I could play
> these together  
> and get a much better feel for the drum part and how
> it would fit the  
> song.  I could see that is the second half of bar 18
> in the bridge  
> that needs a fill etc....  Instantly add it, play
> that bit again  
> (with the audio) and see if it flies or not.  Very
> much like MIDI  
> editing, but using the nice friendly DB interface
> rather than the  
> incredibly ugly MIDI screen lines.
> At the moment, I have my guitar on my lap as I hit
> the space bar to  
> listen to the drum part, edit it, try again, usually
> stuffing it up  
> as I miss the start... (you can fill in the blanks
> here).  When it's  
> all done I need to import the new drum track into PT
> and see how it  
> really sounds.  To audition it in DB would remove a
> lot of this hassle.
> The audio wouldn't need any editing abilities, just
> an import  
> function and a play/mute button.  It would always
> play in correct  
> time as it was recorded against the original DB
> file.  The only weird  
> bit would be starting the DB part at bar x and
> having the sound file  
> know where to start.
> Does any one else think this would be useful???
> Cheers and a Happy New Year to all the DoggieBoxers
> out there.
> Charlie
> PS I suggested it as Version 2 as it would seem to
> be the sort of  
> thing that a paid for update requires - if you want
> to add it to the  
> current upgrades, go for it   : - )
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