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Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Mon May 8 04:47:17 EDT 2006

On 08/05/2006 09:12, Charlie wrote:
> I remember this (a bit), but didn't take too much notice at the time  as 
> I was a newbee MIDI back then. (still am really...)

Me too! :)

> I'm off for a few weeks, but when I get back I'll have a play with it  
> and try to get DB to be triggered with ProTools.   Does anyone have  any 
> staring points/suggestions/solutions???

I remember the configuration for DB is handled in the preferences.  I'll 
have to check (when I'm at home) to see if I did anything particular 
there, or the results of my original experiments might be documented in 
the DB list archives.  I pretty much set it up to get it working with my 
kit and left it that way :)

My DAW manual had generic instructions for setting up the DAW to work as 
master or slave with MIDI hardware/software, as well as specific 
instructions for some common packages like Cubase and Logic.  I just 
triangulated and it pretty much worked happily with DB (sometimes a 
little wobbly, possibly because of the stability of my MIDI connection), 
so that my hardware was tracking MTC in sync with DB and, with a little 
luck, I could start from anywhere in my DB song (though usually at the 
beginning) and it would sync to the right place in the track recorded on 
my DAW.


Carl Edlund Anderson
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