[Doggiebox] Copying and Pasting

David Weisinger d_weising at yahoo.com
Fri May 26 08:15:56 EDT 2006

I often try to copy whole bars or several bars at a
time from one section to another but some times, and
not systematically, it doesn't allow the pasting
because the application apparently can't find all the
drums so it asks me to fix the mappings.  

The thing is, I'm talking about copying and pasting
from within one project, and I'm using the one drum
kit (which is a modified version of Ben's kit with an
added sticks sound).  Its generally pretty buggy
whenever trying to copy and paste, but also there is a
secondary issue of editing a section while it is

It certainly doesn't behave as expected with
consistency.  I'm surprised at the stability of this
product given you have to pay for it. I'll leave it at
that before I get real moody.

I appreciate any feedback on this.


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