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David Sampson dsampson55 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 24 13:28:33 EST 2006


I'm relatively new to DoggieBox, but it is just what I
was looking for.  I agree that things are pretty
quiet.  One thing I've done is built a decent drum kit
by combining some of the GarageBand Rock drum samples
with CDs I bought from BetaMonkeyMusic.com.  They have
really good drum samples and they have good prices.

After using Doggiebox for several months, there are
three features requests I'd like to make (I don't
think they are original to the group).

1)  The ability to split each drum out into separate
sound files (e.g. an AIFF file of just the kick, then
one with just the snare, etc.).  Splitting out to Midi
would be nice too, but most programs other than GB let
you do this fairly easily.  The benefit for me is that
I can import the sound files into ProTools and mix
each drum part with EQ and compression.  I've been
taking a ProTools class taught by a recording engineer
that's been doing this for 20 years, and it's amazing
to see what he can do with drums and bass tracks.  He
takes an OK track and really brings it to life.

2) The ability to import midi drums and be able to set
the mapping.  Most programs use GM or GM2, it would be
nice to be able to specifiy this when you import so
that DoggieBox gets the mapping in sync.

3) When creating a drum kit, have a pre-set for GM and
GM2 (a drop down list) so I don't have to look up the
key mappings for kicks, snares, etc.  That's just to
make it easier to map a new kit to midi.

DoggieBox does >= 95% of what I want a drum program to
do.  I think it's a great piece of software for the
money.  Of course, adding these enhancements would
make it closer to 100%. :)

P.S.  I use a notation program that is only available
for Windows, called Musedit  (www.musedit.com).  One
of the really cool things it has is the ability to
take a TAB text file for guitar or bass and import it.
 Once it's imported, it can make a midi file and
generate standard notation.  He can also play the
file, so if you're trying to understand how something
should sound, this is a really good program for that.

Musedit supports drum notation (you can create rock
drum notation or symphonic percussion), but doesn't
import the drum tab notations you see on various web
sites.  Now if you really want to see DoggieBox cook,
importing that drum notation text would do it for me.


dave sampson

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