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Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Mon Nov 27 07:40:22 EST 2006

On 24/11/2006 18:28, David Sampson wrote:
> I'm relatively new to DoggieBox, but it is just what I
> was looking for.  I agree that things are pretty
> quiet.  One thing I've done is built a decent drum kit
> by combining some of the GarageBand Rock drum samples
> with CDs I bought from BetaMonkeyMusic.com.  They have
> really good drum samples and they have good prices.

I've got a couple of BetaMonkey loop discs as well (for when I'm too 
lazy to start programming stuff out in DB right away ;) and like 'em 
well, though I've not done much with the individual samples up to now. 
Which samples/groups of samples does your dbkit use?  I wonder if I've 
got the right BetaMonkey stuff to give it a spin, or to adapt it 
relatively easily ....

> 1)  The ability to split each drum out into separate
> sound files (e.g. an AIFF file of just the kick, then
> one with just the snare, etc.).  Splitting out to Midi
> would be nice too, but most programs other than GB let
> you do this fairly easily.  

Yeah, this is an oft requested feature for the next version.  I used not 
to worry about it much myself, but as I've been doing more with DB and 
such, I increasingly wish I had it!

> 2) The ability to import midi drums and be able to set
> the mapping.  Most programs use GM or GM2, it would be
> nice to be able to specifiy this when you import so
> that DoggieBox gets the mapping in sync.

Ooo, yeah, I'm sure I remember requesting this feature back a couple of 
years ago (and I'm sure I'm not the only one!).

Ben made heroic efforts to get Midi Machine Control and MIDI export 
working (the former has been _very_ useful to me!) but I would _love_ to 
be able to throw some of my scrounged MIDI files at Doggiebox and have 
it strip out the percussion parts and load everything up as a regular 

> 3) When creating a drum kit, have a pre-set for GM and
> GM2 (a drop down list) so I don't have to look up the
> key mappings for kicks, snares, etc.  That's just to
> make it easier to map a new kit to midi.

Isn't there a drop-down list for GM in the Kit Editor?  Or is only there 
in recent (well, relatively recent!) beta versions?

> Musedit supports drum notation (you can create rock
> drum notation or symphonic percussion), but doesn't
> import the drum tab notations you see on various web
> sites.  Now if you really want to see DoggieBox cook,
> importing that drum notation text would do it for me.

That would be cool .... TAB import always seems very dependant on the 
quality of the TAB, though! :)


Carl Edlund Anderson
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