[Doggiebox] BeatMonkeyMusic kits

David Sampson dsampson55 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 28 17:19:15 EST 2006

> I've got a couple of BetaMonkey loop discs as well
> (for when I'm too 
> lazy to start programming stuff out in DB right away
> ;) and like 'em 
> well, though I've not done much with the individual
> samples up to now. 
> Which samples/groups of samples does your dbkit use?
>  I wonder if I've 
> got the right BetaMonkey stuff to give it a spin, or
> to adapt it 
> relatively easily ....


I just checked the betamonkeymusic.com site and he has
the Alt kits for his Nov special.  He ran that in Aug
as well and I bought the 4 pack set.  It's good stuff.

I grabbed the samples he had on Disk 1 and created a
drum kit.  I added one or two Rock Drum Kit samples
from GarageBand (small, quick snare rolls on the
quarter note beat).  I'm really pleased with the

I did two covers with the kit -> Clash's London
Calling and a song you probably haven't heard before. 
Then I took his loops and cobbled together my own
version of Slade's Merry Christmas Everyone.  It's got
a little bit of a punk edge to it.

I took the London Calling file and split out the drum
parts. Then I used ProTools and imported the track,
put some compression and EQ on each drum part, and
recorded the bass and guitar (I have no illusions
about vocal or guitar talent :) I'm an old time bass
player ).  The output was fairly good IMHO.

If you have the Alt 1 set, let me know and I can send
you the DoggieBox kit file.


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