[Doggiebox] BeatMonkeyMusic kits

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Wed Nov 29 07:17:18 EST 2006

On 28/11/2006 22:19, David Sampson wrote:
> I just checked the betamonkeymusic.com site and he has
> the Alt kits for his Nov special.  He ran that in Aug
> as well and I bought the 4 pack set.  It's good stuff.

Ooo, tempting, though I just succumbed the other month to a special for 
the two Double Bass Mania discs ('cause I'm usually too lazy to program 
that much kick in DB ;) and the missus will kill me if I shell out again 
for more toys so soon! ;)

> I did two covers with the kit -> Clash's London
> Calling and a song you probably haven't heard before. 
> Then I took his loops and cobbled together my own
> version of Slade's Merry Christmas Everyone.  It's got
> a little bit of a punk edge to it.
> I took the London Calling file and split out the drum
> parts. Then I used ProTools and imported the track,
> put some compression and EQ on each drum part, and
> recorded the bass and guitar (I have no illusions
> about vocal or guitar talent :) I'm an old time bass
> player ).  The output was fairly good IMHO.

Post it somewhere so we can hear it! :)

And what _is_ the song we probably haven't heard before? :)

> If you have the Alt 1 set, let me know and I can send
> you the DoggieBox kit file.

Alas, besides the Double Bass Mania sets, I've just got Drum Werks VII 
(I think).  Probably the file names for the drum samples differ from CD 
to CD (admittedly, haven't looked that closely at the single hit samples 
yet!) so some messing about would probably be required ....  Though I'd 
be interested to take a look anyway, just to see how you've set up the 

Anywhere you could post the dbkit file?  Alas, Ben doesn't seem to have 
been checking his mail recently :/ so asking him to host it on the 
resources section of doggiebox.com might be a bit slow ....


Carl Edlund Anderson
mailto:cea at carlaz.com

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