[Doggiebox] Some new feature ideas

Jon Stubbs jonstubbs at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 29 12:56:42 EST 2006

I'm brand new to this list, and may be completely restating
the obvious, or rehashing that which has been said on this list
many times before (forgive that).

As I just skim the surface of Doggie Box, my first wish is
that the display (which is already very much like drum notation)
would perhaps use the positioning that is typical of drum notation
Or... that we can simply take a five-line staff (with some extended
"ledger lines" above and below) and we can pick which sounds will
be positioned where on that staff. I don't think we would need to
bother with any actual note symbols or values. Note-heads could simply
be black note heads, X's, or circled X's.

Another refinement could be that if two sounds share the same
position on the staff, then that position would be monophonic--
i.e. the closed high-hat would interupt the open-high-hat.

A check box could be added to allow things like ride-cymbals
to keep ringing.

The other major request that I have would be to allow beats
to be divided in some more unconventional ways. So rather than
allowing only the usual beat (sub) divisions, allow the beat to
be divided in any whole number from 2 through 16.

Beyond that, I've been enjoying my first few sessions with DB.

I'm still debating about whether to take the plunge yet.


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