[Doggiebox] London Calling Files

David Sampson dsampson55 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 29 13:39:54 EST 2006


I'm glad to see the interest in the group.  I'll zip
up the various files this weekend and post them on my
iMac at home.  Then I can just post the URL for you.

I can package up the DoggieBox kit, the Aiff file for
London Calling, the DoggieBox file for London Calling
and the Pro Tools project.  I'll break it all up so
you're not stuck with a big download.

On London Calling, I put the rhythm guitar part but
not the lead in the middle. If I get time, I'll learn
that and record it in there.  There is no vocal track.
So if any of you want to take a crack at it, please do
- to sound like the Clash singer, it probably helps if
you smoke 10 packs of Marboros per day :)

Just curious, do any of you use Pro Tools?  I can
probably export the files to GarageBand if you'd like
it in that format too.


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