[Doggiebox] New beta release (universal binary)

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Fri Dec 21 08:53:12 EST 2007

On 17 Dec 2007, at 21:20 , Ben Kennedy wrote:
> Here's a Christmas- (or other choice holiday-) season gift for you  
> all,
> at long last!

Oh, any other gift will have a hard time beating this one! There's  
life in the old dog yet! :)

> Please make backup copies of your song and drum kit files before re-
> saving them with this version of Doggiebox, particularly if running on
> an Intel-based Mac.  With this in mind, please test to make sure that
> files you create with this build still open and work properly in
> Doggiebox 1.3.1.  Please also verify sound file importing and  
> exporting
> and note any problems with compatibility of output files or the user
> interface.

As it happens, just this past week I've just pulled out Doggiebox for  
for the first time in a awhile, the first recording project I've done  
since a recent transatlantic move, a kind of "folk metal" version of  
ye olde Scottish Border ballad "Twa Corbies".

I did out all the drums in DB and exported them to a basic stereo  
AIFF file while building up the rest of the song.  Yesterday I went  
back and made multiple versions of the dbsong file, erasing all but a  
specific drum group (cymbals, hats, snares, toms, kicks) to give me 5  
AIFFs for the different groups, so I could put them on different  
tracks and individually control levels, compression, etc.

I now face the challenge of learning how to do this -- never really  
having attempted it before :) -- but I'll reiterate the oft repeated  
observation that a feature to select a specific drum or group of  
drums for output direct from DB (without lots of tedious mucking  
about with the eraser) would be very cool. :)

But, having now downloaded the new beta, I'll back up my files and  
carry on with it from here! :)

> The move to Univeral Binary has meant increasing the minimum supported
> Mac OS version from 10.3 (Panther) to 10.4 (Tiger).  [...]
> The playback problems under Leopard still persist for the moment,  
> but I
> will be addressing those next.

I'd already decided no way I'm moving to Leopard until Doggiebox is  
happy there. :)

> I appreciate the words that several of you have sent to me and the  
> list
> lately.  As stated previously I've been busy juggling new  
> opportunities
> recently but I do hope to become more involved again.

Rock on, Doggiebox! :)


Carl Edlund Anderson

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