[Doggiebox] New beta release (universal binary) (and a bit of plagerism)

Charlie the_lonely_sea at iinet.net.au
Sun Dec 23 08:22:44 EST 2007

On 18/12/2007, at 11:20 AM, Ben Kennedy wrote:

> Hey folks,
> Here's a Christmas- (or other choice holiday-) season gift for you  
> all,
> at long last!
> Changes in this build (1F2) since version 1.3.1 (1E15):

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Good news that the pooch is alive- it inspired me to at least half  
finish a project I started a while ago.

I'm not sure who sent it to the group, but ages ago, I downloaded a  
DB file "Funky Break Demo" that was posted here.

I liked to so much I instantly stole it and used it as a base for a  
song I had just started writing with a friend.

I've posted a first edition of it here:

The Song is: I Wonder If She's Thinking Of Me Tonight.  -  it's still  
a bit rough and needs some serious re-recording of some parts - as  
you'll hear, and I esp need to re-do the drums a bit so they match  
the song a bit more - but that's what you get when you steal stuff  

The other bit of inspiration was I bought a Lap Steel guitar at the  
pre-Xmas sales.  It cost all of $100 - it's no beauty and it has a  
thumb mark on it, but at $100, my Scottish blood couldn't resist the  
bargain.  I added a part to the song

If anyone recognises the drum part, give me a hoy (esp if I'm  
breaking copyright....)  As I recall, there was a song that went with  
it - I've updated my Mac since then and don't have the details of who  
did the actual work...




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