[Doggiebox] A song using a Sonor kit

mcarlyle at charter.net mcarlyle at charter.net
Tue Jul 24 15:12:37 EDT 2007

I would love to share the kit, but would first like for anyone to validate that I indeed got the samples from a legitimate, royalty free source. I'm almost sure they were a free download, or that someone on the list sent a link to all.

Thanks for listening.

---- Sion Morris <sionwm at cinnamondesign.co.uk> wrote: 
> Like it. The production is really excellent. I'm glad you have been  
> able to get together with your lyricist friend. You create some very  
> good original songs together. The middle 8 is nice and the song  
> writing and guitar work is very good as usual. You've mixed the drums  
> in at just the right level I think. They certainly are believable -  
> and, like come alive, have a "Mike Carlyle' sound to them especially  
> the fills and the pause/fill towards the end [Does anyone else think  
> that even as non 'real' drummers, we have a drumming style?]
> I've always thought the ns was just a little too 'studio' sounding -  
> you are right about the toms and the Sonor ones are a lot better.
> Good luck with Foolish U. Sounds like fun.
> You've wetted my appetite with the new kit any chance you could post  
> up a link for us other doggieboxers? I generally use the Yamaha kit -  
> which I think also originated from a link you posted, but its always  
> good to have a range of kits available :)
> All the best
> Sion
> Sion Morris
> Liverpool
> www.sionsmusic.cinnamondesign.co.uk
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> On 23 Jul 2007, at 23:35, Michael Carlyle wrote:
> > I can't for the life of me recall where I found these Sonor samples. I
> > decided I needed a kit that sounded fuller than the nskit 7 that had
> > become my go-to kit. The nskit toms are too "snappy" with no following
> > resonance in the deeper tones. I can't get them to sound good  
> > anymore. I
> > built a Sonor Kit last month and have started testing it.
> >
> > Anyway, I've gotten myself a Yamaha AW1600 and have started recording
> > again with a singer/lyricist friend. I look for free moments between
> > real life and gigs with my cover band.
> >
> > A song called Footprints can be found here. Let me know what you  
> > think,
> > and if you "believe" the drums.
> >
> > http://www.foolishu.com/sounds/footprints.mp3
> >
> >
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