[Doggiebox] Facing DB's Future

John Luxford lux at simian.ca
Wed Jul 25 23:35:28 EDT 2007

Doggiebox has served me very well so far, and I use it a lot, but I
definitely run into things that could be improved or added here and
there.  An automatic "humanize" feature would be great for starters,
instead of tweaking velocity of hits here and there.  I've played with
a software drum machine that shows promise on Linux called Hydrogen
(humanize is the standout feature I saw in it), but I'm still on a G5
so the Mac version of it won't work for me since it's Intel only.  But
honestly, I would prefer to see features like that added to Doggiebox
than to switch to something else.

In any case, I'd also like to know where the software is headed.  Since
it's not open source, I don't know how much the community can actually
contribute, but perhaps discussion will find a way to action...  I'm
also a software developer so I'm one community member who may be able
to help dive into it if that possibility opened up (pun partially
intended ;)).

Anyway, that's my $0.02


On 7/25/07, Sterling Beckwith <beckwith at yorku.ca> wrote:
> Isn't it time those of us who still read this list started a thread
> to discuss (perhaps even to help design and strategize) the future of
> Doggiebox itself?  Where is it positioned now?  What further
> improvements are most needed?  What are its prospects of generating
> sufficient cash flow to warrant making those and other improvements?
> How can current users help?  etc. etc.
> Please do at least signal if you agree something of the sort is needed.
> -Sterling
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