[Doggiebox] Facing DB's Future

Sterling Beckwith beckwith at yorku.ca
Thu Jul 26 19:23:51 EDT 2007

Hey guys, that's a good start!  Some key issues affecting all users  
of "homemade" special-purpose software are already surfacing here.

For example, how many of us tend to assume that just because we  
happen to use a particular program, we are somehow entitled to  
receive regular updates from some unseen hand, preferably without  
charge?  Or that the process of improving any software program is  
mostly a matter of adding a few more cool features?

How many users, let alone user communities, actually feel some  
responsibility for assuring the survival of "their" program on the  
software market, or have any appreciation of what establishing and  
maintaining the marketability of such a specialized software product  
as this one entails?

Theses days we are used to taking our clean water for granted,  
without ever coming anywhere near knowing or paying its actual  
costs.  We are used to grabbing lots of "free" software off the  
internet, and lots of "free" music and video and images too.  Good  
tools are however seldom free, and they tend to evolve slowly, with  
significant amounts of help from their earliest users.   We may lose  
this one if we cannot figure out together how to keep it alive.


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