[Doggiebox] (Sort of) new track with Doggiebox drums

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Sat Mar 8 20:23:50 EST 2008

One of the first recordings I made with Doggiebox was a song called  
"Afterburner" back in 2004 or so.  I knocked up a very simple drum  
part using Mike Carlyle's .dbkit for ns_kit6 in just a few minutes,  
and recorded it on my Roland VS-1680, running stereo audio to the  
unit out of my iBook's headphone jack. (I think I may have used the  
then-new MIDI MMC features in Doggiebox to control the VS-1680 ... or  
maybe that was another song ... I don't remember!)

It was a pretty useful demo (for all that I never removed the  
metronomic woodblock clicks from a couple of places), as the band I  
played with for a couple of years in England used it to learn the  
song for live performance.  I always wanted to record a new version  
(I eventually changed the main riff slightly), using Garageband, but  
never got a guitar or bass sound there that I liked as well as the  
one I had on the original VS-1680 recording.  Then, when I left the  
UK for South America, I had to sell the VS-1680, but I slurped my  
recordings from it off to Garageband first.

This past week, I decided to revisit my old "Afterburner" recording.   
I remixed it in Garageband, tarting it up in various ways -- notably  
making new, fancier (and multitrack) drums in the Doggiebox.  So from  
the point of view of Doggiebox, it's all new. (Even if it still has  
the same guitars, basses, and even the dodgy vocal of the the  
original demo! ;)

Here's the link: <http://www.carlaz.com/music/Afterburner.mp3>

It's a pretty straight-up and shamelessly derivative space-rock/ 
stoner-rock in a kind of Hawkwind-meets-Kyuss-and-Monster-Magnet kind  
of thing.  (And, so, great fun to play live! :)  The new version's  
drums change ns_kit6 for the ns_kit7 samples I've been using of  
late.  Maybe someday I'll find the guitar/bass sounds to record an  
all new version -- though I'll probably stick with the current  
drums :) -- but I'm reasonably happy with the newly reinvented  
version for the moment.


Carl Edlund Anderson

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