[Doggiebox] (Sort of) new track with Doggiebox drums

Sion Morris sionwm at cinnamondesign.co.uk
Sun Mar 9 16:22:15 EDT 2008

Like this a lot. tons of energy! The doubled guitars work well and  
I've always liked the chunky bass sound you get - both go together  
really well with the doggiebox track. Again, passes the 'forget that  
the drums are programmed' test. Interesting song sections, especially  
the middle with solo. This bit reminds me a little of 'London' by the  
Smiths. And the ending is cute!

Comparing with the original version (using Ben's kit?) it does sound  
like v1 is the demo, especially where the drums are concerned. The  
only thing I'm not keen on in the drums in v2, are the hi-hat strikes  
just at the start. They sound a little too much like sequenced  
samples to me. the rest of the drum track sounds great though.

I do think the vocals should be higher in the mix - I think we  
'unwilling vocalists' always tend to put our vox too low down! I'd  
definitely like to hear this belted out with the vocals up an octave  
too (neighbours permitting), sounded really good in Twa  Corbies -  
though "take a ride' sounds good lower down must admit. There again  
if you want to keep the air of 'menace' going, lower down is best...  
or maybe both!

Anyway well done - 'tis now on the ipod


Sion Morris

On 9 Mar 2008, at 01:23, Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:
> This past week, I decided to revisit my old "Afterburner" recording.
> I remixed it in Garageband, tarting it up in various ways -- notably
> making new, fancier (and multitrack) drums in the Doggiebox.  So from
> the point of view of Doggiebox, it's all new. (Even if it still has
> the same guitars, basses, and even the dodgy vocal of the the
> original demo! ;)
> Here's the link: <http://www.carlaz.com/music/Afterburner.mp3>
> It's a pretty straight-up and shamelessly derivative space-rock/
> stoner-rock in a kind of Hawkwind-meets-Kyuss-and-Monster-Magnet kind
> of thing.  (And, so, great fun to play live! :)  The new version's
> drums change ns_kit6 for the ns_kit7 samples I've been using of
> late.  Maybe someday I'll find the guitar/bass sounds to record an
> all new version -- though I'll probably stick with the current
> drums :) -- but I'm reasonably happy with the newly reinvented
> version for the moment.
> Cheers,
> Carl
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> Carl Edlund Anderson
> http://www.carlaz.com/
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