[Doggiebox] (Sort of) new track with Doggiebox drums

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Mon Mar 10 10:53:56 EDT 2008

On 09 Mar 2008, at 08:18 , Michael Carlyle wrote:
> Wow. A Hawkwind reference! There's something you don't come across  
> every day.

I'm a not-very-closet Hawkwind fan. ;) There's a cover of their  
"Hassan I Sabha" on my recordings web page <http://www.carlaz.com/ 
music/>, but it uses drum loops rather than DB (free Drums on Demand  
Apple loops, I think), so less interesting for this list.

"Afterburner" borrows "musical inspiration" ;) heavily from Space  
Ritual/Doremi-era Hawkwind, particular the songs "Master of the  
Universe" (the grinding E riff and false ending) and "Time We Left  
This World Today" (the bass freak-out ;), while the lyrics obliquely  
reference lines in "Silver Machine" and "Born to Go".  Actually, some  
of the synth bubbles in the middle bit are lifted directly and  
shamelessly from the original intro to "Silver Machine", though I  
have a friend who should be doing me some new proper synths and Dr- 
Who-style swooshy noises (see below).

> I sort of remember listening to this once before. I can't recall  
> what I thought then, but I do like it now. The drums are  
> convincing. The guitars are a bit present in the mix and kind of in- 
> your-face. Don't know if that's what you were going for. The bass  
> track is sort of buried until you start playing in the upper  
> registers two thirds of the way through or so.

Yeah, it's more or less the intention -- it's supposed to be that  
"blazing wall of molten guitar" that drives all before, with the bass  
burbling up from the depths occasionally and then erupting in the  
instrumental section.  There was a certain fat-yet-punchy vibe in the  
bass overdrive  (done with a Roland COSM amp model, a JC-120 guitar  
amp model actually) that I haven't gotten close to in the Apple amp  
sims yet.

I did think to tweak the guitars back a bit, but having put in  
various changes in to the volume in the GB Track volumes for the  
guitars, I was getting too lazy in the moment to tweak _all_ the  
change points done a notch.

I've got a friend who plays synths for an improv-based space-rock  
band in Scandinavia -- most of the low-mixed synths here are culled  
from some samples he sent me a few years back.  But I'm getting him  
to do some "purpose-built" synths for the piece, so when I go back to  
mix in those, I might re-tweak the guitars, too.  (Depending on how  
loud I like my guitars that day ;)

> I have trouble recording and mixing bass, but I've just stumbled  
> across a tried and true recipe.

Now _that's_ a leading statement. ;)  Do tell!

On 09 Mar 2008, at 15:22 , Sion Morris wrote:
> Like this a lot. tons of energy! The doubled guitars work well and
> I've always liked the chunky bass sound you get - both go together
> really well with the doggiebox track. Again, passes the 'forget that
> the drums are programmed' test. Interesting song sections, especially
> the middle with solo. This bit reminds me a little of 'London' by the
> Smiths. And the ending is cute!

I was vacillating between a fade out and a sudden stop, and so  
decided to do both. ;)

The original drum part had this thing where it whacked away at the  
same ride sample almost all the way through, without even regarding  
whether the drummer should be using some of his hands on the snare  
rolls, as well. ;)  The new drumer is less of an octopus, and hits  
both ride and hat now (though much more often the previously).  He  
also shifts from his basic pattern at least in the guitar solo, now,  
though he's given in to my indulgence for smacking the cymbals around  
a fair bit.  (I briefly experimented with taking away some of the  
original cymbals hits, but then ended up putting in more than ever! ;)

> Comparing with the original version (using Ben's kit?)

I could swear it was the kit Mike C. made that used the old ns_kit6  
samples, rather than Ben's kit.  But I don't actually remember! :)

> it does sound
> like v1 is the demo, especially where the drums are concerned. The
> only thing I'm not keen on in the drums in v2, are the hi-hat strikes
> just at the start. They sound a little too much like sequenced
> samples to me. the rest of the drum track sounds great though.

Yeah, I'm actually not sure about keeping those either.  I kept  
taking them out then putting them back ....  I might try twiddling  
them so more, or I think I might just take them out again.  I'm not  
sure they add much!

> I do think the vocals should be higher in the mix - I think we
> 'unwilling vocalists' always tend to put our vox too low down! I'd
> definitely like to hear this belted out with the vocals up an octave
> too (neighbours permitting), sounded really good in Twa  Corbies -
> though "take a ride' sounds good lower down must admit. There again
> if you want to keep the air of 'menace' going, lower down is best...
> or maybe both!

I was thinking of recording a new vocal pass -- the existing ones are  
very old and very quiet, and the way to raise them is painstakingly  
tweak everything else down -- but haven't sprung new vox on the  
neighbors yet. ;) If I seem sufficiently alone sometime in the coming  
weeks, I might go for it. ;)


Carl Edlund Anderson

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