[Doggiebox] (Sort of) new track with Doggiebox drums

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Tue Mar 11 20:08:55 EDT 2008

On 10 Mar 2008, at 16:54 , Michael Carlyle wrote:
> Playing with a pick (I normally use fingers on bass parts).
> EQing out some high mids to reduce pick click.

Well, that's one change that wouldn't help me since I always play  
bass with a pick anyway.  Having started stringed instruments as a  
hack guitarist, I made the move to hack bassist without any real  
change of technique (insofar as I have technique ;)).

> Prior to this approach, my sound was often indistinct. The AW1600  
> gives me some very clear reproduction at 24bit. Better than I was  
> getting recording to my Mac. However, I was always searching for  
> better.

I did get good sound out of my Roland DAW -- just couldn't cart it to  
South America!  The latest GarageBand versions do 24-bit recording,  
though I haven't tried that yet.  I plan to check out some purpose- 
made AU amp sims eventually, which I'm thinking might get better tone  
than just the built-in GB sims ... but that's a ways off in the budget.


Carl Edlund Anderson

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