[Doggiebox] Importing drum sounds

Sion Morris sionwm at cinnamondesign.co.uk
Sat Jan 3 09:07:18 EST 2009

Hi Jimmy

Sounds good! Always up to hear a new kit.

As for the format of the sound samples, I  use a rate of 44100 at  
depth of 16bit. I think the free audio program 'Audacity' can change  
the settings if they are different in your samples. I then save the  
samples as AIFF but I think WAV works too.

Its really simple to create a kit in Doggiebox - Just go to File - New  
kit and then click on 'new drum' You then name the drum and load the  
appropriate sample by clicking 'load' If you have any icons handy,  
just drop the file on the icon window for the sound. If you have  
variations on the snare for example, name the type 'snare' for all  
kinds and name the variation with the types of snare eg soft; medium;,  
hard etc.  Finally you can assign a position for it on the grid -  
chinas at the top and bass at the bottom etc.

I generally embed the audio file as above, but it is also possible to  
link to audio files (though only when you first create a new drum  
sound. I also can't usually be bothered to put the midi info in - but  
it is possible to do this if you want to export your patterns as midi  

Anyway, let me know if you get stuck. Look forward to hearing/trying  
it out.




On 27 Dec 2008, at 21:29, jimmya arceneaux wrote:

> I have the yamaha drum library, and have had it for years and finally
> wanna use it. It is kinda old, but has great drum sounds (and yes I am
> willing to share, i do not even think it's available anymore).
> So the question is, how do I make the files conform to what doggiebox
> needs them to be? As in reference to the 44mhz thing?
> thanks for any and all answers.
> Jimmy
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