[Doggiebox] ProTools Free manuals (house cleaning)

Carl Freire carlpfreire at ybb.ne.jp
Tue Jan 26 05:30:52 EST 2010

Hi all,

This is an extreme long shot, I know, but I thought I'd ask this anyway.

Some years back, I went through the trouble to print out all of the 
manuals that go with ProTools Free.  Oldsters may remember that 
Digidesign offered its final version of ProTools for OS 9 (and the 
contemporaneous version for Windows, I think for 98 or ME) for free 
after they rewrote code for the OSes of the future (i.e., OS X and 
Windows NT/XP).

All these years later, in a world with GarageBand and free versions 
of Cubase included with various bits of audio hardware, I want to get 
rid of those manuals.  I could just throw them out (and probably will 
end up having to), but before I do so I thought I'd check: is there 
anyone out there who might want them?  All I'd want for them is 
postage, which given that I live in Japan may be more than you want 
to spend even if you still are doing audio in Mac OS 9 (which means 
you aren't using Doggiebox . . . if you haven't figured it out 
already, now you see why I prefaced this with the words "extreme long 
shot"!).  Probably about US$15-20 to ship them Stateside.

They're nicely bound--plastic spiral from a print shop in Oakland, 
Calif.  But they take up space and space is limited here.  Anyone who 
by some miracle might be interested or know someone who might be, 
please contact me offlist.  Seems like a waste to just trash them . . 



Carl Freire
carlpfreire /[@]* ybb.ne.jp
cfreire /[@]* ix.netcom.com
Tokyo, Japan

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