[Doggiebox] 1G09 posted, with new stuff!

Matt Kennedy matt at hipster.ca
Wed Jul 21 12:31:49 EDT 2010


I had the same experience when opening 1G09 for the first time a few days ago.  Like you, I had saved a copy of my registration key and all I had to do was copy it to the clipboard, launch Doggiebox 1G09 again, and voila!  Doggiebox detected and installed the reg key and I was good to go.

Hope this helps,

On Jul 21, 2010, at 8:54 AM, Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:

> OK, I have found one little problem with running the new version of DB ....
> My Mac seems to have forgotten the license info (possibly zapped when I upgraded to Snow leopard a while back?) and although I have my original DB license key info handy, I can't figure out how to re-enter it.  When I run DB, it gives me the option to buy or quit; quitting does just that, and buy quits and launches the doggiebox.com purchasing web page.  What I can't figure out how to do is re-enter my license key in the 1G09 build.  Perhaps I need to re-download the last standard released version (from last year), enter the license key in that, and then try to run the 1G09 build?  That seems unnecessarily complicated, though ....
> Cheers,
> Carl
> On 21 Jul 2010, at 10:38 , Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:
>> Awesomeness -- I'm downloading now! :)  Heaven knows when I'll get a chance to give it a go, as I am now the dad of a 7-month old girl, and this seems to take up a lot of time. ;)  But I do have some DB work that needs doing, if I can find a moment, and so I may as well try to give the new version a spin.  I guess I'll have to see whether I use this version or Ben manages to release another first!
>> Cheers,
>> Carl
>> On 20 Jul 2010, at 18:38 , Michael Carlyle wrote:
>>> Nice, Ben.
>>> Just a quick five minute run through shows that it appears to work well for me. Did the multi file export and got something for the first time ever!
>>> It took me a little while to find the floating transport panel. It was hiding behind the dock, where it opened by default.
>>> On Jul 19, 2010, at 11:39 PM, Ben Kennedy wrote:
>>>> Hey everybody,
>>>> It's hard to believe that ten months have passed since I last posted the
>>>> a pre-release build of the Dog.  Nonetheless that should help to make
>>>> tonight's all the more tasty.
>>>> Simply run a "Check for Update..." in the Doggiebox application menu to
>>>> grab it automatically, or download from <http://www.doggiebox.com/
>>>> development.php>.
>>>> Improvements fall under these four main themes:
>>>> - New floating palette with better transport controls
>>>> - New recording mode for keyboard or MIDI drum input
>>>> - Bug fixes, including the missing export progress indicator
>>>> - Simplification of some prefs options and various cosmetic improvements
>>>> Of important note is that, with this build and moving forward, Doggiebox
>>>> will now require Mac OS X 10.5 or newer in order to take best advantage
>>>> of facilities afforded by the latest OS.  Furthermore, statistics
>>>> gathered from 1G-series testers since last July indicate that not a
>>>> single user with 10.4 has run any of these builds, so it appears a sound
>>>> decision.
>>>> Also, due to a minor change in how registration keys are saved, it's
>>>> possible that Doggiebox will think it's no longer registered when you
>>>> launch this build.  If that happens, simply re-activate with your
>>>> registration key.
>>>> Following, now, is the verbose laundry list of changes and improvements
>>>> in this build (also included as Release Notes with the download).
>>>> New floating palette with transport and editing controls:
>>>> - Play/stop button and loop toggle have been moved here, along with new
>>>> buttons for start/end and forward/back jog, plus record enable.
>>>> - Bar-editing controls (insert/remove beats, tempo and time signature
>>>> adjustments, and zoom) have been moved here.
>>>> - Current location of the insertion point/playhead is displayed, in bars
>>>> and beats as well as minutes:seconds.
>>>> - Looping and monophonic fold-down are now controlled globally and have
>>>> corresponding commands in the Song menu.
>>>> New recording mode:
>>>> - When recording is enabled, drum kit shortcut keys (and incoming MIDI
>>>> messages) will cause the corresponding drum to be inserted at the
>>>> insertion point/playhead location.
>>>> - To switch drum variants via the keyboard, you must now press the
>>>> Option key along with the shortcut.
>>>> Changes to several Preferences options:
>>>> - Removed checkbox for toggling the playhead position indicator; it is
>>>> now always shown (turning this off was an obscure choice of vestigial origin).
>>>> - Removed checkbox for creating backward-compatible files; songs saved
>>>> with this version will be compatible back to Doggiebox 1.3.
>>>> - Removed checkbox for showing splash screen on launch; it is now only
>>>> shown in trial mode.
>>>> - Added new checkbox to toggle MIDI MMC/MTC output; previously this
>>>> always occurred, but can now be turned off if unneeded.
>>>> Bugs fixed in this build:
>>>> - Missing progress indicator during audio file export (temporary
>>>> regression in 1G08).
>>>> - Long-standing potential crash when changing a bar's tempo during
>>>> playback (thanks Charlie).
>>>> - Bug which caused MIDI output to be very late or absent altogether
>>>> (temporary regression since 1G04).
>>>> - Issue which caused "HVURLHandlerErrorDomain error 1003" when
>>>> displaying the Help Viewer on Snow Leopard.
>>>> Miscellaneous changes:
>>>> - Cosmetic and display improvements in the pattern editor.
>>>> - The playhead now keeps moving even when the mouse button is down or a
>>>> menu is being displayed.
>>>> - Improved the reliability of detecting when a drum kit in use by an
>>>> open song has been modified.
>>>> - Key shortcut for "zoom in/out selection" changed from Cmd-Shift to Cmd-
>>>> Option (and +/-).
>>>> I would enjoy feedback, and particularly bug reports, relating to
>>>> anything described above.
>>>> As times goes by I feel loathe to refer to these builds as "beta", lest
>>>> it confirm the old creature has come down with Google syndrome; alas,
>>>> while an official public new release is still premature, it does approach.
>>>> After updating, you may notice that the release version moniker has
>>>> tentatively changed from "1.5" to "2.0".  Owing to marketing and
>>>> technological considerations, I've decided it probably time to up the
>>>> number, and my plan is to target a full public release by the fall --
>>>> which will also be the first pay-for upgrade that Doggiebox has seen. 
>>>> More details will of course follow as the time comes.
>>>> cheers yall,
>>>> -ben
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