[Doggiebox] Build 1G12 fixes export problems

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Mon Nov 22 23:42:18 EST 2010

Carl Edlund Anderson wrote at 5:21 PM (-0500) on 11/22/10:

>Ah, how _should_ that be working?  Should DB check for updates on
>launch?  My version (1.4.3 1F11) doesn't seem to, nor does there seem to
>be a "Check for Updates ..." sort of command ....

The check for updates feature is not present in 1.4.3 (the current
release version).  It is only available in the beta series, and will be
a new feature in 2.0.

I believe a minor bug in the last build or two might have broken it
temporarily, though.


Ben Kennedy (chief magician)
zygoat creative technical services

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