[Doggiebox] Build 1G12 fixes export problems

Sion Morris sionwm at cinnamondesign.co.uk
Tue Nov 23 04:39:48 EST 2010

Update works for me on the latest (1G12), but was grayed out on the  
earlier one. Check for update on launch would be good - I must say  
that I find it useful in other programs.


On 22 Nov 2010, at 22:21, Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:

> Cool.  Though I find I have a question about ....
> On 21 Nov 2010, at 22:50 , Ben Kennedy wrote:
>> If the automatic software update doesn't seem to be working
> Ah, how _should_ that be working?  Should DB check for updates on  
> launch?  My version (1.4.3 1F11) doesn't seem to, nor does there  
> seem to be a "Check for Updates ..." sort of command ....

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