[Doggiebox] MIDI export tempo problems.

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Fri Oct 8 19:54:02 EDT 2010

Jack Saturn wrote at 5:32 PM (-0700) on 9/20/10:

>I imported all three into Pro Tools.  The stereo WAV file lines up 
>perfectly with the Finale MIDI files, so there's no problem there.
>The Doggiebox MIDI drums, however, don't seem to truly be 115 BPM. 
>On the timeline the MIDI drums extend for an additional bar, a 
>difference of almost 2 seconds.

Hey Jack,

Thanks for this analysis.  I've finally had some opportunity to delve
into it, but unfortunately I haven't been able to reproduce the problem!

I've created 2-minute long tracks at various bpm (60, 115, 120),
exported to MIDI as well as AIFF at both 44.1 and 48.0 Khz, and pulled
them in to Nuendo, and... they all seem to line up perfectly.

Can you send me off-list a Doggiebox song file, along with the exact
export specifications that seem to exhibit this?

>Additionally, I'm noticing a problem in Doggiebox when attempting to 
>export the MIDI - sometimes it won't actually save.  I managed to get 
>it to save by creating new folders and creating longer filenames; I 
>have a suspicion the latter may be the culprit...

Several users have also reported similar problems where the files seem
not to save in one location or with one name, but then do in another. 
So far I have not been able to identify a common set of circumstances,
but I will continue to see if I can figure this out -- as you might
guess, I haven't experienced the problem yet myself in casual use.



Ben Kennedy (chief magician)
zygoat creative technical services

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