[Doggiebox] 2.0β!?

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Fri Jun 10 09:03:04 EDT 2011

On 09 Jun 2011, at 21:22 , Ben Kennedy wrote:
> Carl Edlund Anderson wrote at 11:25 PM (-0500) on 4/13/11:
>> So I noticed that DB updated to 2.0β a few days back.  No fanfare? 
>> Well, it-s working for me so far. :)
> Great to hear. :)  Actually, development builds have been labeled as
> "2.0" since July last year.  The forthcoming release will bear that name.

Heh, I guess I missed that!  I had been accustomed to downloading individual beta versions separately, not paying much attention to the nomenclature, and was caught off-guard when I fired up DB one day and it auto-updated on its own! :)

> Annnnd... I hope to, finally, push out that forthcoming release within
> the next several weeks.  Documentation update and revamp of the web site
> are now the focus.

Cool.  I've found the "multitrack" export to be very useful now that I'm doing all my recording (slow and spotty though it's been) in GarageBand.  I used it to "upgrade" a few old demos -- very painlessly, though the drums now sound better than most of the rest of those demos, thanks to the ease of remixing them. :)

One of the more memorable compliments I got on one of my tracks was someone asking if it had live drums -- but no: it was DB! :)

> As a sole developer, it has been slow going since I've needed to devote
> most of my time in the last year or so to paying work.  Thanks to all of
> you guys for your continued support and enthusiasm, though!

DB remains, IMO, the unquestionable best "bang for buck" in terms of combining ease of use, ease of editing, and flexibility.  I managed to recommend it to a friend, recently, who got sucked into the world of hobbyist composition via GarageBand on the iPad (which has that fun little "tap the drum kit thing", but you still have to suck it into the Mac to edit lines and hits, and then DB is still a better editing interface than GB). Dunno if he bought or will eventually buy it, but here's hoping!

And -- no worries.  I certainly understand the need to do paying work! As well as other time constraints ....  Other than using the newer DB builds to upgrade my existing drums, I haven't managed to do a lot myself for a while ....  But DB still lives in my Mac's Dock, and my baby daughter points to the icon enthusiastically and says "bow wow!" whenever she see it. ;)


Carl Edlund Anderson

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