[Doggiebox] Doggiebox 2.0.1 (and now on the Mac App Store)

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Wed Feb 22 21:32:44 EST 2012

Hey everybody,

Doggiebox 2.0.1 is now available, which addresses a number of bugs, memory leaks and stability issues.  If you're running 2.0, you can hit "Check for Updates" in the Doggiebox menu to update automatically.

Also, beginning with this version, Doggiebox is now available on (in?) the Mac App Store: <http://itunes.apple.com/app/doggiebox/id497101983>

For the benefit of potential new users visiting the App Store, I would like to encourage people to post some Doggiebox ratings and reviews since Doggiebox doesn't have any yet.  To facilitate this I would like to give away several promo codes, redeemable in the App Store for a complimentary licence, to people on this mailing list.

If you have not yet bought Doggiebox 2.0 and would like to be eligible for one of the promo codes, please just e-mail me off-list at ben at zygoat.ca with your name and country of residence.  (And if you happen to know any influential writers or musicians who might like to review Doggiebox, I would love to hear from them as well!)



Ben Kennedy, chief magician
Zygoat Creative Technical Services

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