[Doggiebox] Groups for Rides and Hats?

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Mon Jul 29 17:19:29 EDT 2013

On 02 Aug 2012, at 12:39 , Carl Edlund Anderson <cea at carlaz.com> wrote:
> On 02 Aug 2012, at 08:51, Jack Duffy wrote:
>> The issues carl just stated are my 2 biggies that i have also wished for- being able to drag instruments around in the editor and having a more global control over the volumes of groups and sub groups. 
> Yes, in the dbsong editor, I would love to be able to select particular hits in a more refined way in order to copy and paste them around more freely. 
> Likewise, in the dbkit editor, the prospect of having to pretty much manually recreate an Instrument in order to place it in a different Group (in the case of my rides, I have something like 16 velocity levels each of regular hits, mallet hits, and bell hits within the Instrument!) is pretty daunting! Drag'n'drop would be a nice feature here. :)

As long as we're chatting on the list again, I thought I would bring one of the above issues up again: I'm just doing some dbkit editing, and find myself (again!) wanting to globally grab all the Variants of a particular Instrument and tweak all the Master Volume settings together (as opposed to each individually).  I realize it might well be possible to have different Master Volume settings on different Variants within an instrument, but perhaps the behavior could be either to let the slider reset the MV for all selected Variants, or (perhaps more complicated) increase/decrease the MV by the same number of percentage points for all selected Variants?

Similar behavior for the Panning slider would also be very welcome! :)


Carl Edlund Anderson

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